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Glossary of terms - Special table to get you familiarized with the names and terms used by the industry

Term name


Bulk Head

The buildup drywall box to join the ceiling with any cabinets


The curved indented detail on the upper side of the cabinet doors

Composite Melamine

Particle board with Melamine glued on top (used for doors and counter tops)


Wood or wood imitation thin rope

Cove molding

Inside counter molding

Crown "Dentil"

Crown with squares details along the top of the molding

Crown Moldings

Decorative with various profiles attached at the top of cabinets as a finishing decoration.

Door multiplying factor

Percentage added to basic price of cabinets. It varies with door type, color and material


Finished Back Gable

Finish gables

The finish ends of cabinets (by the stove, refrigerator, windows open ends


Finished Left Gable


Brand laminate, is made by saturating paper with resins and dried. Stacked in layers and pressed.

Fretwork Valance

Ornamental valance with various profiles


Finished Right Gable


False Top Drawer


The sides and back of the cabinets

Grooved Series

Door type it has indented lines and profiles carved out of the door


Made from wood fibers mixed with "phenolic" resin, moisture inhibitors and compressed under high temperature and pressure


Medium Density Fiberboard - nicknamed "engineered wood" is made primarily of wood fibers,   steam heat, high pressure and adhesives

Molding Cleat

Profiled wood strips mounted in top of the cabinet used to support attachment of crown moldings


The vertical element that separates the lancets of a window

OCM molding

Outside corner molding

PLM molding

Panel lap molding


All the cabinet doors built with a flat panel in the center of the door

Slab Series

Doors that have a flat appearance no carvings or indents.


Appliance garage (pull down covered corner cabinet down to the counter)

Thermoplastic doors

Plastic foil applied over MDF core using high temperatures and pressure.  

Tilt-out tray

Tip-out scrub pad tray used by the kitchen sink

Toe kick

The recessed finishing plate at the bottom of the cabinets. Standard sold on strips 5" by 8’ length


Under upper cabinets decorative extension strip Used to hide lights under cabinets. Standard sold on strips 2" by 8’ length.

Wood species Canada

Black cherry, Red oak, White oak, Birch, Ash, Hard maple, Red maple, Beech, Yellow poplar, Basswood


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